Kambo in Amsterdam

I am a trained Kambo practitioner, registered as KNP at Kambo Naturista. Through professional training, undergoing traditional teaching (dieta) in the Amazon, and by now five years of practice of serving Kambo – I offer private sessions with safety, knowledge, and personal attention. What makes my offering different is an individual setting, and no group sessions, where you can feel truly safe and focus on your own process.

What does the individual ceremony include?

A 2-hour long private session includes:

  • preparing and smudging
  • guidance on setting an intention
  • Kambo application
  • if requested, Sananga and Rapei applications
  • application of dragon blood or copaiba oil on burns for after treatment.

How much does it cost?

I use tiered pricing for donations because I believe in honest generosity. The standard price for a private session in Amsterdam – is 70 euros. However, if you are in financial hardship, I will accept lower donations, please inquire by email. For those who give generous tips, I feel grateful.

To give an indication, of what I mean by tiered pricing: if your monthly income is higher than 2000 euros, I invite you to pay 90 euros. If your monthly income is lower than 700 euros per month, I invite you to pay 50 euros.

Is the medicine ethically sourced?

Definitely. The kambo medicine, that I serve is collected by the same source, family members of Maestro Robinson from the Matse’s tribe. The medicine is in the fair trade retribution to Kambo Naturista. Knowing the source of the medicine is very exceptional because most practitioners have to rely on purchasing it through online shops. This also means the medicine that I serve is freshly collected (and more potent).

How can I book the session?

Fill in the following form and I will contact you with further details and a link to book your appointment. If you have already submitted the health form and received my confirmation, go ahead to directly book the session.

How should I prepare for the session?

For 12-18 hours: fast (abstain from any solid or liquid food):

  • Kambo must be given on an empty stomach; this is important that you fast, 
  • before the ceremony, in the morning, drink only water (no coffee/tea).

For stronger effect for three days before the ceremony stick to a light diet;

  • abstain from eating red meat,
  • abstain from deep-fried, spicy food, or food that is hard to process,
  • renounce alcohol and other drugs,
  • do not engage in sexual activities.

What to bring?

  • Wear comfortable clothes or bring to change,
  • personal items amulet/talisman (optional).

 After the ceremony?

It is advisable not to have any schedules after the session, as in some cases, one may feel to rest and have time for integration. 

How will Kambo affect me?

Kambo detoxes the body, strengthens the immune system and activates self-healing within the body. It is a natural antibiotic, antiviral and anti-fungal and thereby kills bacteria, viruses and fungi. It is anti-inflammatory, cleans the blood and can improve general well-being. Kambo has helped many people with various conditions including allergies, skin diseases, asthma, rheumatism and joint disorders, chronic pain and infections, malaria, diabetes, hepatitis, epilepsy, depression, post-chemotherapy, disease prevention and many more.

The tribesmen of the Amazon use this medicine to clear themselves from „paneme“(bad luck -negative energy). Kambo is a cleansing agent for it and after the treatment, most people feel a strong optimism and clearness of the mind. They may feel recharged in strength and stamina and capable to achieve their goals. It is said that everything flows a bit better in life after taking Kambo because externally we always attract the thing that is going on internally.

The outcome of the treatments can vary in their effects as well as in the amount of time it may take to feel those effects. Everybody is different and so every session can be a bit different because Kambo works on many levels and is unique in its translation. In my experience, to gain true long-term benefits of healing, one often has to make healthy lifestyle changes in addition to the treatment. It is not truly beneficial to take Kambo and continue an unhealthy lifestyle because the problem that has been treated would most likely present itself again.

Last words about my path

I joined the training in the Peruvian rainforest of Kambo Naturista with a mere desire to express my gratitude to Kambo because it helped me overcome the 15 years long addiction and induced the most profound changes in my life, ways of being, and habits. Initially, I did not intend to be a practitioner myself. However, it was during the silent retreat and dieta in the jungle, when I had a profound surrender, and came to accept that I would serve the medicine, especially to people who suffer from (substance) addictions. During the dieta, icaro, a healing song for Kambo, in my mother tongue (Georgian), came to me, which I sing for every person I facilitate. The Icaro has a profound effect and truly aligns with medicine. Along with the spirit of Kambo, I am grateful to my teachers: Diedre (my sister, who introduced me to Kambo), Deyan (who trained and taught how to apply Kambo to myself and others in the safest conditions), and Gaera (who supported my quest in the process).

In my daily life, I am a mother of a teenager, a teacher at the University of Amsterdam, and a practitioner (in the tradition of Tibetan Buddism). I spend time between the Netherlands, Georgia and occasional travels for silent retreats. I value humbleness and modesty and believe that all sentient beings deserve happiness.

I wholeheartedly wish you the benefits of Kambo.